My anti-New Year's resolution list

I just went through some tiring times with too much food and too many family reunions so I'm sorry to tell you that I am not motivated enough to make up a new bunch of rules I need to follow.

In fact I am going to slow down and treat myself well because I just finished 2017's life adventures and I'm still alive. Yay !

Lessons learnt as a young Costume Designer

I believe that talking about issues without judging is the only step toward improvement. I trust our community and the people who will read this to understand that this blog is all about learning, empowering each others and sharing our success and failures in order to master our crafts. Remember that there is no success without failure EVER.

In the shadow of period costumes

Ask people outside of the industry to name a Costume Designer. Chances are they will name an Oscar winning Costume Designer… therefore a designer who did period or fantasy costumes at some point.
The common misconception is that being a Costume Designer on a contemporary fiction doesn’t require as much skills as designing for a period fiction.