©Veronika Pap

©Veronika Pap

Hi, I'm Anne-Aurelie (but Lili is fine)

I’m a Costume Designer for film, music videos, theatre, opera and everything in between.

I was born and raised where your mustard come from (Dijon, France). After a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and a Master's Degree in Costume Design, I had the chance to work in various places such as NYC, LA, Paris and now London.

When I'm not busy working on a film or a show, my head is blossoming of creative ideas/experiences I strive to share and a strong desire to be surrounded by other innovative women.


  • I’m obsessed with pink, glitters, jelly shoes, mustard yellow, American shows and dark humor

  • I support intersectional feminism and I aspire to work with more female directors, producers, writters

  • I’m a vegetarian, colorful-fake-fur lover and a fitness addict