Hollywood and the celebration of toxic love stories

The Me Too movement started in Hollywood yet this same Industry is still producing dozens of Rom-coms every year that promote unhealthy relationship expectations and toxic behaviors.

Let’s explore the love myths and harmful relationships celebrated in Hollywood and see what alternatives we could produce instead.

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Summer outfits & Sustainable fashion

I created these comfortable, fun and summery looks using a combination of my favorite sustainable middle-range brands with cheaper brand options that are not labeled as sustainable but are working toward more transparency.

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"Bye Europe, Hello America" 5 reasons why I moved abroad

I never really though about being a digital nomad or an expat. In fact I could not work everywhere because I still work with people and within a specific industry. I'm not sure I could find tv shows or films sets to work on if I was living in Thailand for example or if I was not speaking the language of the country. So why do I move ?

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