Let's do this

Ok. So... I started a blog.

Right now it’s not online yet and I still have mixed feelings about doing it.
There are so many blogs out there already ! I’m not a writer, I’m not a politician and I’m not going to save the world by writing articles about clothes, costume design stuff and diy. Seriously, do I have enough experience to write a blog about the Industry and being a creative ? Is everybody going to judge me ? Worst...are people going to realize that my life is way more basic that they though ? ahahah

As you may know I’m currently in a weird time. I just moved out from Paris to London where I don’t really know anybody and without any real work planned ahead. I have been working my ass off all year. These last twelve months, I moved up from being a costume assistant to a supervisor and a young designer. I had a good network, a comfortable apartment that I loved and I was surrounded by true friends and family. I had a routine and I was busy.
Now I have lots of spare time in front of me and whenever I'm not at the 24/24h gym, I feel the need to keep being creative and share things and thoughts with others.
I would also like 2017 to be a year filled with great projects, that would give me the opportunity to be as much creative as I want by collaborating with filmmakers who share the same aesthetic and interests.

2016 was about putting a foot in the Industry while I hope 2017 will be about creative collaborations and innovative ideas.


This blog will be about...

  • being creative
  • sharing my vision and inspirations
  • exploring thoughts and ideas
  • talking about clothes, good design and work
  • talking about the Industry
  • sharing my experience as a Costume Designer/Assistant
  • eventually promoting blogs, brands and building some partnerships with inspiring people


What do you think about doing a blog ? How did you start yours ?
Let me know what you would like to read on this blog !
Am I missing something ?



Let me know if you know who is the photographer... can't find it.