My anti-New Year's resolution list

© photo by Violet Tinder Studios

© photo by Violet Tinder Studios

Dear January, 

Thank you for making us write down lists of resolutions that we will never adopt.

Let me remind you that you are very cold and annoying. I just went through some tiring times with too much food and too many family reunions so I'm sorry to tell you that I am not motivated enough to invent a new bunch of rules I need to follow.

In fact I am going to slow down and treat myself well because I just finished 2017's life adventures and I'm still alive. Yay ! So let's celebrate and find ways to make 2018 enjoyable by getting rid of the things that dragged me down these last twelve months.

Here my anti-resolution list of what I should stop doing in 2018 :


Feeling rude to say “no”

I have said yes to far too many bullshit jobs, toxic conversations and general garbage behaviors in 2017. Now is time to say “no” with proud and confidence.



Buying things that destroy the planet and/or hurt people

In 2017 I moved to London with my suitcase and I lived out of it for months. I know now that most of my things don’t bring me joy. I feel stressed when my flat is messy or if I don’t know what to wear in the morning.
Therefore the less I own = the more satisfied I am.


Comparing myself with anybody

Does a cat compare itself with a dog ?




Sprinting on the treadmill

I should stop neglecting a good warm-up and skipping steps all the time. I guess the treadmill could be my 2018’s life metaphor. Slow down and get that stamina girl !


Feeling guilty for not being happy

Being is tough. I deserve the right to be sad, angry or frustrated. It’s called LIFE.

Marion Fayolle

Marion Fayolle


Planning the future

Allen Saunders said “Life is what happens while we are making other plans”. This is on my laptop desktop now.


Trying to understand everything and everybody

Life can be random and some people are assholes. I just need to understand that.


Saying sorry when I'm not sorry

I’m not “sorry” to “just” ask you a detail about your project, the budget or whatever the email is about. So why do I need to type these words ?

I'm also fed up to say sorry when I get bumped from guys spreading in the tube. I should be able to articulate my disagreement instead of saying "sorry" as a passive-aggressive answer.

Emily Flake

Emily Flake


Giving way too many fucks

It’s such a waste of time and energy to care about things that I can’t control anyway.


giving fucks

Hey 2017, you were all about saying good bye to Paris and starting over again here in London. You were challenging but I have learned through the mistakes I made. I guess those tough lessons are what lead me toward being a flexible and strong independent woman… or whatever. At least now I know better the things I do that don't serve me.

Welcome 2018 and happy new year y'all !! <3