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5 Skills to be a good Costume Designer

Recently some people asked me advices about which type of studies they should pursue to be a costume designer. They seemed to think in terms of future opportunities rather than becoming a good designer.

I think it’s easy to get scared because this industry is hard and earning a life as a creative requires a lot of energy. So here the 5 skills I believe are the most important to nurture for anybody who would like to become a good costume designer.

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From Theater to Film to Theater again

I loved working on Sea Wall/A Life at the Public Theater this month. I enjoyed the simplicity of the process, the infinite time we had to try new things, fail, try again, find answers. I loved to watch how the costume became alive under the lights of the stage. It’s a very different pace than films. I was able to be more focused on the body, the feeling of the space, the movement.

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5 Things I wish someone had told me when I came out of school

The truth is, no matter the studies you do, you will never be ready for what’s coming next. I believe it’s time to unpack these things and talk about our experience so we can help each others and be stronger together.

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No Gigs ? Just Chill

Sometimes lots of projects come at the same time and sometimes nothing is happening. This can feel like a real roller coaster ! When a quiet phase lasts for a long time it can be hard to keep being confident in your work, especially if the people around you don’t understand your field.
Inactivity and being jobless are often seen as a real negative thing in our society.

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