Inside my Home in Paris

Couple weeks ago, Morgan came to my flat in Paris to snap some pictures for the online magazine Apartment Therapy.
I’m so thrilled to share it with you here as it was published today.

I'll use this very excited moment of quick online fame (lol) to share my feelings about living abroad and moving to a new city.

©Morgan Schemel / This is a little fun book that I made for my partner when we moved in Paris together

©Morgan Schemel / This is a little fun book that I made for my partner when we moved in Paris together

First, let's face it : it’s hard to move because you have to leave things, habits, people behind you. I’ve moved to London in mid-January and although I've kept my flat in Paris, I’m not really living there anymore.
I’ve started to work and build a network in London ; I got an oyster card and my bike here ; I’ve moved my wardrobe and my sewing machine ; and I have a phone and gym memberships… So... Yes ! I’m really living the London Life now !


Sometimes I miss my friends and my home in Paris. I also miss working there because I know exactly where to shop and where to rent fabulous vintage pieces and contemporary suits. However I’m just two hours away from friends, and living abroad is one of these things that really made me become a better person :


I have to constantly rethink everything I take for granted because I’m surrounded by new stuffs and habits. I need to be more focus when I listen because I have to get use to a new accent and another language (although as you may know I’m into a english-speaking relationship). Most of the time I feel weird, dumb and rude because I don’t really express myself properly or I don’t understand jokes. I have to keep my thoughts clear and say things simply. I can't really use double meanings and underlying messages because I won't be understood. I have to accept that I won't be quick on the draw in English while I think I can be pretty convincing in French.


The good thing is that London is one of these cities where everybody comes from different parts of the world and most of the people I’ve met are genuinely open-minded and curious. It feels liberating to not constantly feel judged by the way you look or the way you talk. How many times have I had an argument in France because I've said that I was a vegetarian ? How many times have I been street cat called in Paris because I was wearing a dress ? How many times have I seen actresses feeling body-ashamed because French women models all look like skinny teen girls (think about Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillon, Audrey Tautou, Maïwenn, Isabelle Huppert, Vanessa Paradis...) ? How many times have I seen black women on French screens ?

I don't think about those things in London and I didn't have these issues in L.A and NYC either. 


I truly have this feeling that anything and everything is possible.

I've met my love in NYC, I've worked on my first feature film in LA, I've got established in Paris and now I'm just excited and opened to whatever is going to happen in London.

For subletting our flat, it’s here.

I'm in love with Paris

I'm fascinated about L.A and secretly dream to move back to Topanga

I got tons of romantic memories in NYC

And now I can't wait to grow new experiences in London

(and get this lovely British accent)


These hands were made by me using mold-making techniques on real people ;)

These hands were made by me using mold-making techniques on real people ;)