Headless women in Hollywood

© photo by Alex Oswith

© photo by Alex Oswith

As you can imagine I'm deeply angry/frustrated/sad about the article published in Le Monde last week. A bunch of old rich and famous white women (Catherine Deneuve is one of them) signed a piece defending “a freedom to bother, indispensable to sexual freedom.”

At the same moment on the other side of the ocean, Oprah Winfrey was standing up in front of the same kind of people giving them a speech about freedom, equal rights and women empowerment.

To be honest I don't see much improvement toward a better society in any of these two scenarios. Of course Oprah's perfect rhetoric was inspiring but the crocodile tears and the hypocrisy of the audience instantly brought me back to reality.

But don't worry ! I'm not going to write a theoretical article about what's going on with women right now cause I would not be good enough anyway (I'll leave that to Jessa Crispin <3).

Instead let's find out different speechless ways to enjoy women's oppression across the film and advertising industries.


This article would be the PART 1 Being objectified in Hollywood

...I guess that's the dream of all actresses right ? Being just an anonymous leg/back/butt/breast on a poster especially when it's only to get the attention driven toward the male actor.



The fun part is when you realize that even female heroes are just lips or anonymous silhouettes on the poster of their films...

If you want to see more of those or if you just found a fresh objectifying poster, click here.