Bold next door girls inspiration

Hello there !

Today I want to share with you my favorite looks from LookBook ! If you don't know LB yet, it's a wonderful app where you can post your outfits and share them online. It's filled with fashion lovers, vintage clothing hunters and lots of creative people from all around the world. 

Really soon I would like to develop my LB as well and share my own favorite outfits with you but meanwhile I hope these ladies outfits will brighten your day as much as they are brightening mine.

A Fashion Nerd is a wonderful colorful vintage fashion blog. I'm totally in love with her outfit !


Kanaho is from Japan and I love her fashion blog, it's very 90s and fun.


Daniela is a Puerto Rican artist with a very graphic and playful universe


Jess is a Munich based media artist and illustrator. I found each of her outfits really poetic.


Alicia is a blogger based in Brooklyn. She just makes me want to dye my hair in a neon color cause it's so beautiful on her.


Sara's world is bold and I love it. She is from Switzerland and she loves dressing as a fruit.


Another bold look with fake fur and pink so I'm a huge fan. And she lives in London.


Maeva is from Paris. She is a graphic designer. I love the color palette of this photo and her website looks fantastic !


You can find my Lookbook collection here and follow me there.