This is what I wish you in 2019

© Hideaki Hamada

© Hideaki Hamada

Hello 2019 !

I didn’t wrote that much these past couple months but I’m still grateful to have this little free space on the infinite world of Internet to talk about creativity, mental health and to share my experience in the entertainment industry as a costume person.

2018 was another year of change because I moved from London to NYC. It felt a little easier than 2017 because I already knew the scariness of starting all over again and I also knew myself better.

I’m very grateful for this year, for the people I met and the ones who are still in my life. I’m sending you all my love and these three wishes for 2019.

I wish you to know yourself

2018 was all about mental health, body image and self-help but I believe that the first step to well-being is to know ourselves better and to understand our emotions. Moving abroad several times and working in different environments really helped me to discover my limits and the things I need to do in order to feel comfortable. Writing my thoughts and feelings on a notebook everyday showed me some thinking and behavior patterns I tend to reproduce. By knowing ourselves, we learn to accept that we don’t have to feel happy all the times because there are some things in life that we are not comfortable with, and that’s ok because that’s just who we are and we can’t change that.

I wish you to accept your emotions for what they are

Our brain create our emotions. Our frustration, our anger or our sadness are not the consequences of someone’s else behavior or of an external situation. These are just the products of our brains. Once we learn and accept that reality, we also accept our emotions for what they really are.

I wish you to be whole instead of happy

Brooke Castillo in one of her podcast said that life is made of 50% of good things (situations that make us feel good, satisfied, happy,…) and 50% of bad things (situations that make us experience pain, fear, anxiety, …) so the idea that the most important thing in life is to be happy all the time is a self-centered lie. Why would we want to be happy all the time when we know that “bad” things happen and we have no way of controlling them ? How could we even know what happiness is if that was the only thing we ever experienced ? Finding balance between comfort and discomfort, joy and pain, fulfillment and boredom is the definition of being human.

These are the three most important things I wish you for 2019. Once we’ll know ourselves, understand our emotions and feel whole; then we’ll be healthy, we’ll have meaningful lives, we’ll really be able to love each others and have a positive impact in the world.