My Shopping Bible Paris versus London

I'm a Parisian living in London so I had to build a new "carnet d'adresses" quickly along getting new jobs. Here are my favorite ones in these two cities I love. As a big fan of Vahram Muratyan I would love if this article inspired him to make a guide comparing shopping in Paris versus shopping in London!


  • Boulevard Haussman versus Oxford Street

Approximately 550 m between Le Printemps and Opera versus almost 2km of shops on Oxford St... No matter the job, I get much more tired in London than I ever did in Paris !


  • Fil 2000 versus MacCulloch & Wallis

Definitely prefer going to MacCulloch (although I never remember how to spell it in my google maps) but Fil 2000 is way cheaper.

  • Le Vestiaire versus Sands Films

It's like playing in a film about Versailles versus being in Pride & Prejudice. If you need to hire period costumes in Paris (mostly 1610 to 1945) I would be happy to get you in touch with my friend Alessia, she is working at Le Vestiaire.

  • Euro Costumes or La Compagnie du Costume versus Angels or Cosprop

Big costume hiring houses where you can basically find almost everything, do fittings or get costumes made out of the workshop.



  • Les Mauvais Garçons versus Camden Market

Les Mauvais Garçons are so unique that it's impossible to compare them (find me a hiring costume company with a red carpet please !)... but if you are looking to hire 1960s to 1980s vintage clothing for a shoot you could find endless stocks in Camden.


  • Les Dépôts Vente versus Charity Shops

Not exactly the same purpose cause Depôts Vente are not for charity. I guess Parisian women are not rich enough to give away brand new Dona Karen Miller dresses ? Or are they ashamed to give away expensive clothes they bought and never wore ?


  • C&A versus Primark

The place you want to avoid at all cost but you never do because your budget is too low to allow you to buy nice black socks.

My nightmare in real life.

My nightmare in real life.


  • Monop' versus M&S

Can't live without youuuuu ! From basic underwear to accessories and lunch break, these two are the favorites for both Parisian and Londoner crowds.


  • Le BHV versus John Lewis

From homeware to fashion, you can find everything here !


  • Les Galeries Lafayette versus Fenwick

Older feeling than Le Printemps or Selfridges but high end and touristy.



  • Le Printemps versus Selfridges

Trendy, young, fashiony vibes.



  • Le Bon Marché versus Liberty

Designer's dream.


  • Les Puces de Clignancourt versus Brick Lane

Vintage & Touristy.


  • Le Sentier versus Poland St in Soho

Nice fabrics.

I love this store in Berwick St

I love this store in Berwick St


  • Le Marché St pierre versus Shepherd's Bush Market




  • Sacs Tati versus Checked bags

© Artist Nobukho Nqaba


  • Retif versus Morplan

Need a rack ? Need good hangers ?


  • Le Marais versus Shoreditch

The place to be - seen - and shop in concept stores where you can get everything from books to towels and dresses.


  • Frip’stars and Killiwatch versus Beyond Retro

Retro trendy things. Hipster's home. Pricey thanks to all the fashion bloggers around.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro


  • La Redoute versus Argos

Futuristic stores where everything happens online.

  • Les Halles versus Westfield

I guess Les Halles is now trying to be as good as Westfield but Westfield still wins.


TK Maxx... ??

For my fellow Frenchies, TK Maxx is the dream for low budget films and poor freelancers who want to get designers shoes and cashmere sweaters for half price.


Feel free to comment below if you think I forgot addresses !! I would love to extend my list.