Top 10 ugly things happening in the Glam Squad

We all have someone in our family who still thinks that what we do is one of the most glamorous career on the planet. That we got to hang out with rich producers and see famous actors' sexy butts everyday.

The truth is :

  • I still don't like seeing naked talents even if I kind of got used to it - dealing with someone's else nudity is never something I enjoy doing

  • When I do loads of laundry and I spend days running at Primark and H&M, I don't consider my job glamorous - although I love every part of it

While returning giant shopping bags today, I started to write notes about the weirdest things we do as Costumers (yes, I had to wait a lot ahah). I think this is a good opportunity for you to share this list with the part of the world who still imagines that your job is like a carnival.


1. You enter a store with a giant suitcase or a granny cart full of clothes to return and you leave the store with empty hands. However if you still believe in the glamorous potential of doing returns you might want to follow these steps : How-to-Make-Granny-Carts-Not-Just-For-Grannies-Any/

2. Having 3 credit cards in your pocket with none of your money on them. Dealing with 10 bags of clothes to return associated with different credit cards. Investing in a travel document organizer even though you don't have any travel planned.

3. Driving the costume crew at 4am in a rental car. Almost feeling like you are all going on holidays because you are taking the highway outside of the city. Arriving at the location of the day and realizing you are in the middle of nowhere (and the sun is not even out yet).

 4. Having to go to every H&M of the city in order to find a double of an item you bought last week. Hating the ready-to-wear industry and their marketing strategies.

5. Going to Uniqlo and buying the entire stock of nude seamless knickers in every sizes. Smiling to the seller who is obviously seeing you as a person with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

6. Loading a costume truck at 3am with a headlamp. Definitely forgetting the idea of being the coolest-trendiest person on set.

7. Having to wash sperm or period on a costume. Shit happens.

8. Being relieved that you are on time when you are about to leave the store. Hearing the alarm. Unpacking you 10 shopping bags to realize that there is one left anti-theft device on a £3 tank top.

9. Not having to go to the gym during pre-production because you are already sore from heavy shopping. Not having to go to the gym during production because you are already sore from loading the costume truck and running from the costume trailer to the set all day. 

10. Recognizing another Costumer in a store because of the granny cart and the pair of comfy sneakers. Avoiding eye contact and feeling stupid for avoiding eye contact.


These are the witnesses of my weird Costumer's life - that I love.

But wait, which other weirdest thing did I forgot to mention ? Let me know in the comment section :)

Let's share about our weirdness !