Living the Millennial paradox

Do you have this feeling that you have been raised with the quote "You can be anything you want" ? Yet as soon as you say you want to try something different the entire world tells you what you should do ?

Have you ever been told during an interview that you are young so you should be flexible and hard working cause everybody-would-dream-about-this-opportunity ? Yet the company will apply old fashion rules and hierarchy, they will also ask you to follow every steps of the administrative process and never listen to your ideas ?

Do you feel this pressure from the older generation who tells you to stop being lazy, to wake up and do your own revolution ? Yet every effort you make to try to change something is turned into a joke because "you're just a dreamer" ?

I have this feeling sometimes that our generation should be the happiest cause for the first time in the history we have a choice. But seriously, do you feel happy ? I stopped asking myself this question.


Ramit Sethi said "The World wants you to be Vanilla". They want you to be a plain, generic, soft, likable and easy-to-buy flavor because it's easier to manage you that way.

I think we should celebrate the fact that not everybody today want to stay behind a desk all day, get fat, have a boss, get married, have children, get a loan, invest in a life insurance and buy a car. We should be proud about our ability to invent another way of living, despite the mockery and the fear. This is brave to have this desire to find yourself rather than making money. And this is also brave to want both.


We are redefining the way of working because we understand that jobs will no longer be as important as it was. Soon we might have the opportunity to choose to work less to have a better life because our industries and the consumption society are heading toward a dead end. Yet there is this society that still holds to the old stuff because that would be more secure. You have these people telling you that you are a lazy person with privileges that you should be ashamed for, but if you try to talk about a new world they get scared.

I truly believe our generation is brave and inventive. We all want to achieve great things and be in tuned with our work. This is not about work versus life anymore because our life is our work. So next time someone tells you to stop being lazy because you work from home/a coffee shop/a train station in the middle of Thailand and that you haven't ate yet, tell them to f*** off.


Don't be the Vanilla !

Embrace the Matcha-Black-Sesame-Mango flavor shit. You have the right to be a multi-skilled rainbow that stands between the rain and the sun.


*i swear this article is not linked to the French elections ;) and I'm absolutely not 100% scared for Earth and social justice AT ALL !!