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Dream Job

In the past I had some work experiences that made me feel like I was high all the time because despite the challenges of the work, I just felt a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment.

There are 3 important points that need to be fulfilled in order to make us feel happy about our work.

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4 Cities - 4 Tiny Steps

I’m a home person so I’m always scared of moving, packing, having to build new routines, meeting new people, losing all my marks… but I know that it’s necessary. Moving keeps me grounded, it leads me to the essence of who I am and what I need to live an awaken life.

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Turn your sensitivity into a strength

Highly Sensitive People experience the world differently.. It is not a mental illness or a disorder and it’s actually completely normal ! But HSPs represent only 15-20% of the population which lead them to be often misunderstood.

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"Bye Europe, Hello America" 5 reasons why I moved abroad

I never really though about being a digital nomad or an expat. In fact I could not work everywhere because I still work with people and within a specific industry. I'm not sure I could find tv shows or films sets to work on if I was living in Thailand for example or if I was not speaking the language of the country. So why do I move ?

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